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Rachit's AI-powered text editor helps you write, edit, and study with confidence. Save hours on your next paper.

Summarize PDFs with AI

Enhance your study sessions with an assistant that reads and understands your PDF textbooks and notes.

Interactive Learning

Engage with your PDF materials through interactive summaries and Q&A sessions.

Efficient Review

Quickly revisit key concepts and highlights in your PDFs with smart navigation.

Personalized Study Plans

Get tailored study recommendations based on your progress and goals.


Change the way you understand subjects!

Just drag and drop a PDF to interact with it, use the edit tool to write essays with ease.

Really cheap.

Instead of spending $20USD on OpenAI's ChatGPT, with a $5 subscription, you can use the same AI to write essays.

Auto essay writing(coming soon)

Write entire essays with citations and references with just a few clicks!

For students

If you are a student, sign in with your school email(.edu.sg) to get a 50% off promo code!

No Hallucinations

Never get hallucinations from the AI, it's been trained on a lot of data.

Personalization at the edge

Deliver dynamic, personalized content, while ensuring users only see the best version of your site.

Choose your persona

Change who teaches you on the fly


What our users are saying


The app is highkey fire. The only thing that I wasn't able to do was to write essays, but I heard that feature is coming soon.

Name: James Hardy
College: UCLA


I kind of used the platform for my thesis and it was really helpful. I got a lot of insights and it was really easy to use.

Name: Jennifer Goh
College: NUS

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